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Tilmicosin Phosphate

  • 【Properties】 Light yellow or yellow powder

    【Content】 Contain Tilmicosin≥75%

    【Standard】 Enterprise Standard  according to  USP30

    【Storage】 Stored in lightproof,airproof and dry place

    【Packing】 Cardboard drum 25kg/drum

    Tilmicosin phosphate is the newest develop macrolide antibiotic for animal medicine ,it is the derivative midicine of tylosin ,main used defend the illnesses of acute chronic respiratory system , mycoplasmosis, bacterial infection for pig, chicken, cattle, sheep.

    Molecular formula: C46H80N2 O13·H3PO4
    Molecular weight: 967.14
    CAS: 137330-13-3

    Apply to use for:
    Poultry : chronic respiratory system illness, infectivity bronchitis, mycoplasmosis, pasteurella illness and so on.
    Pig: acute respiratory system illness, pleuropneumonia, mycoplasmosis, pasteurella illness, dysentery.

    Mix in water for animal or poultry direct drink or make premix mixed in feed .
    Poultry direct drink: 1g tilmicosin phosphate add 20g water ,if defend the illness ,0.5g of tilmicosin phosphate is enough, keep 3-5days .
    Pig: 75mg tilmicosin phosphate add 1kg feed . if defend the illness ,0.5g of tilmicosin phosphate is enough, keep 5 days .